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We have a large selection of First Communion Dresses, Veils, Suits and Accessories for that special holy day.  Our dresses range in size from 6 to 14 1/2- we have a style for every body type.  Our traditional First Communion white dresses, some imported from Ireland, come in many styles and fabrics.  We have over 100 dresses and over 40 headpieces and veils to choose from, below is only a small sampling of them.  Suits for our First Communion boys come in White, Navy Blue, and Black.  Suit sizes range from 6 to 18H and include husky sizes.  For boys, our selection of white shirts, ties, socks, and shoes will surely help to complete your First Communion attire.  For girls, available clothing accessories include capes, shawls, gloves, tights, socks, and shoes.  We do not sell Communion dresses online.  You should always try on a dress to make sure it fits right prior to making a purchase.  There is a $10.00 fitting fee per child trying on dresses, which goes toward the cost of dress if you buy the dress.  All of our Communion clothing and shoes are Final Sale (no returns/no exchanges).  Come visit us at The Cross and Shamrock, 1669 Highway 33, Hamilton Square, N.J., 08690.  May God Bless Your Child on their Special Day.


The Cross and Shamrock's Annual First Holy Communion Dress Trunk Show is on Saturday- January 19th 10-5pm, Sunday- January 20th 12-5pm, and Monday- January 21st 10-6pm, 2019.  Our Trunk Show kicks off the Communion Dress season.  Why attend our Trunk Show?  At our trunk show, we offer a larger selection of dresses to choose from, special discounts, and no fitting fee.   If you buy a dress and veil at the trunk show, you receive 25% off the veil.  If you buy a dress from our regular stock (in-stock and does not need to be ordered) during the trunk show, you will receive $25.00 off the dress.  No appointment is necessary to attend our Trunk Show on all three days.  Dressing rooms are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis, once your child is ready to try on dresses.  Want more personalized service?  Need a little more time?  You can book an appointment on Monday, January 21st from 9am-6:30pm here:    We look forward to making your shopping experience a great one!




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Communion Veil Headpiece 352636

Product no.: 352636

$59.00 **

Communion Veil Headpiece 352520

Product no.: 352520

$59.00 **

Communion Veil Headpiece 352202

Product no.: 352202

$69.00 **

Communion Veil Headpiece 350106

Product no.: 350106

$69.00 **

Communion Veil Headpiece 352526

Product no.: 352526

$69.00 **

Communion Veil Headpiece 350300

Product no.: 350300

$49.00 **

Communion Veil Headpiece 350326

Product no.: 350326

$55.00 **

Communion Veil Headpiece 352204

Product no.: 352204

$29.00 **

Communion Veil Headpiece 352203

Product no.: 352203

$59.00 **

Communion Veil Headpiece 352146

Product no.: 352146

$59.00 **

Communion Headpiece 350328

Product no.: 350328

$69.00 **

Communion Veil Headpiece 350337

Product no.: 350337

$59.00 **

Communion Veil Headpiece 350322

Product no.: 350322

$59.00 **

Communion Veil Headpiece 352145

Product no.: 352145

$79.00 **

White Gloves

Product no.: 352167

$8.50 **

Long White Gloves

Product no.: 352171

$11.95 **

White Dress Tights

Product no.: 350319

$6.99 **

Girl's White Socks with Lace Trim and Cross

Product no.: 350054

$8.95 **

Girl White Shoes

Product no.: 632056

$46.50 **

Satin Purse

Product no.: 350673

$10.95 *

Satin Purse with Bow

Product no.: 351936

$17.95 *

Gold Plated Cross Earrings

Product no.: 733059

$8.00 *

Silver Plated Cross Earrings

Product no.: 105974

$8.00 *

Irish Comb Tiara

Product no.: 737225

$29.95 *

Irish Tiara

Product no.: 108289

$29.95 *

Navy Blue Tie

Product no.: 350272

$7.95 **

White Tie

Product no.: 350271

$7.95 **

White Satin Tie with Chalice Design

Product no.: 350770

$9.95 **

Black Tie

Product no.: 351664

$7.95 **

Boy's Gold-Colored Tie Clip with Cross

Product no.: 150402

$11.95 *

Boy's Silver-Colored Tie Clip with Cross

Product no.: 150403

$11.95 *

Boy White Nylon Dress Socks

Product no.: 352840

$2.95 **

Boy Black Nylon Dress Socks

Product no.: 352840- Black

$2.95 **

Boy Black Shoes

Product no.: 632054

$46.50 *

Boy White Shoes

Product no.: 632055

$46.50 **
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