Belleek Claddagh Giftware

The Belleek Claddagh collection is inspired by the history of the Claddagh which goes back over four hundred years when a Spanish goldsmith fell in love with a girl from the Claddagh village. He crafted the first Claddagh ring for her. Since then the Claddagh ring has become a token of love throughout the world. Its symbols of a heart under a crown held by hands represent love, friendship and loyalty.

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Belleek Claddagh Beverage Pot

Product no.: 605317

$59.00 *

Belleek Claddagh Cream / Condiment Jug

Product no.: 605308

$24.00 *

Belleek Claddagh Sugar / Condiment Bowl

Product no.: 605313

$24.00 *

Belleek Claddagh Mugs (Set of 4)

Product no.: 605295

$39.90 *

Belleek Claddagh Mugs (Set of 2)

Product no.: 605216

$19.95 *

Belleek Claddagh Bowls (Set of 2)

Product no.: 605292

$24.95 *

Belleek Claddagh 8" Vase

Product no.: 605288

$60.00 *

Belleek Claddagh 5 x 7 Frame

Product no.: 600141

$80.00 *

Belleek Claddagh Makeup Bell

Product no.: 600069

$35.00 *
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