The Belleek Tara collection takes its inspiration from the intricate Celtic knot found on the Tara brooch.  The Tara brooch was discovered in the 19th century near the area of a cliff after it had collapsed into the sea at Bettystown Co. Meath.  It is thought that such a brooch possibly came from the Royal seat of the ancient High Kings of Ireland at Tara, some miles away.

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Belleek Tara 10" Vase

Product no.: 600102

$85.00 *

Belleek Tara Accent Dish

Product no.: 600605

$35.00 *

Belleek Tara 4 x 6 Frame

Product no.: 600104

$70.00 *

Belleek Tara 8 x 10 Frame

Product no.: 600081

$85.00 *
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